komodo tours from labuan bajo

Do you want to experience the best Komodo liveaboard? Hello Flores team will help you create your ultimate itinerary according to your wishes, budget and interests. A trip to Flores and the nearby islands combines magnificent landscapes of nature with antique traditions that still thrives today. From Labuan Bajo, you can enjoy a half day up to a full week Komodo cruise to enjoy the tropical waters, pristine islands, and welcoming local people. You will find below few of our guest tailor-made journeys. These itineraries are intended as a guide to help you plan your trip in the National Park. These routes are suggestions. Feel free to create your own Flores Komodo Tour. 


Option 1|Daily cruise from Labuan Bajo

This trip is ideal for travelers who don’t have much time but still want to see the most of Flores can offer, including the famous Komodo Dragons. Three iconic islands will fill your day; the famous Padar Island, Rinca Island, and Kelor Island. We know that you are more than ready to behold the breathtaking beauty of Flores, so our Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo will sail off directly to the iconic Padar Island. The jaw-dropping scenery is incomparable. The island is known for its viewpoint, where you can see the famous three color beaches; pink, black, and white separated by a line of wavy green hills.

Next, we will sail our ship to meet the heaviest lizard on earth. The ship will take you to Rinca Island, one of the three biggest island of the Komodo National Park with around 13,000 Komodo dragons lives on the area. Savannah covers 70% of the island, offering unusual scenery in tropical Indonesia. The last stop, Kelor Island, will spoil you with the vibe of heavenly remote, unknown place. In the dry season, the crisp yellow of dry savannah sits in contrast with vibrant azure water, a sight to behold.

Option 2 | 3 Days Komodo cruise from Labuan Bajo

Neither too long nor too short, 3 days of the excursion is just the sweet spot for pleasure seekers. You will have the chance to explore the pristine island, discover every main feature of Flores, yet got the opportunities to set your feet at a bunch of less touristic island. To see your travel journal hit all the iconic places and reveal new places! Isn’t it a traveler dream?

Get in the ship and start your Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo. In one hour the ship will carry you to Sebayur Besar, one of the twin islands just right at the border of the Komodo National Park. The island might be unheard of, but it has wonderful natural beauty both up and below the lands. Sebayur offers a stunning view for trekking and fantastic snorkeling as you will experience snorkeling between the twin island and see the blooming life underneath.

After a pleasant start, you can sail to the northern part of the Komodo National Park and land in Gili Lawa Darat, an island popular with its other name; the Pirate Bay. protected by the wide and deep bay of Komodo Island in front of it, the Pirate Bay is perfect for water sport, kayaking, and many other fun water activities.

A trip to the island will not be complete without a dive or two in the ocean. That’s why you might want to include a visit to Manta Point to swim with the giant Manta right from the deck. This shallow dive site is famous for Mantas sighting all year round. Not so long after, a group of Mantas will gracefully greet you from below, and when you have satisfied, the beautiful pink beach of Pulau Makassar awaits you to have a rest and relax.

Make the most of the last day by visiting an island that you have never landed before. If the time allows, you can even fit a trek to two islands at once, before heading back to the port town. You want this day to be remembered, so why not pay a visit to a peculiar place? You can take Kalong, the bat island, to your next itinerary. The island lives up to its name, as Kalong means big bats in Indonesian. Don’t worry, these furry flyers are mostly sleepy during the day. Your captain will try to place the boat under the bats’ path, where you can stand very close to this animal and observe their natural behavior.

End your journey with one last beautiful spot. Flores has abundant of amazing view, and Kelor Island can be your choice. Sits just in front of Flores hills, this small island offers hills trekking where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Flores, Rinca Island, and other islands between the blue ocean. Kelor is famous for its tranquility views, and isn’t that what you need after a long trip around Flores?

Soon it will be time to dock at Labuan Bajo. When the time has come, you will be left will exhaustion ad satisfied smile on your face.

option 3| 5 Days Komodo cruise from Labuan Bajo

Please note that the itineraries may change at any time by the management of the boats due to among others; local condition, weather, strong current, windy and any unforeseen reason for the safety of passengers and the boat crew.