Kalong Island


Kalong, the bat island

Kalong in Indonesia means “big bats” or flying foxes. Kalong is a small island located close to Rinca Island and Flores at the border of the Komodo National Park. The entire island is covered by mangrove forest hosting thousands of flying foxes living in the trees during daytime to protect them for the the heat and Komodo’s sun. But around 6 pm in the afternoon  you will hear them waking up and communicating and at precisely 6:17 pm of every single day they will all take off and fly in direction of Flores in an endless black line stretching over the sunset sky of Komodo National Park. The flying foxes are flying to Flores to get food in fruit plantations grown by Flores inhabitants, pineapple, mango, orange… Captains will try to place their boats under the path used by the bats so that passengers can be as close as possible to these wonderful animals to take videos and photos of this very unique mother nature show.



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