Our selection of boats for your Komodo cruise

With over 18,000 islands, Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world. Cruising on a traditional Indonesian Phinisi is a great way to discover the wonderful treasures Indonesia has to offer. Hello Flores features the best and safest boats.


Sipuliang - 14 guests from USD278

Sipuliang is a vast ship, measuring 38 metre long and 6.5 metre wide. Spacious living areas and 6 cabins on-board allow for up to 14 passengers on-board, to discover the beauty of the park together


Tanaka - 14 guests from USD430

Tanaka represents the perfect balance between traditions and modern technologies to offer passengers a great and comfortable experience. 


Wisesa - 10 guests from USD280

Wisesa is issued of a long tradition of traditional boats sailing across Indonesia. The concept of Wisesa is to offer maximum space and comfort with high quality service to its passengers.


maki - 8 guests from USD200

Maki is a brand new liveaboard launched mid of May 2018.With more living areas than any other boats of its category, everyone will find its one space to relax and rest during the cruise.


Royal Fortuna - 11 guests from USD159

Fast, stable and spacious, the 29 metres long Royal Fortuna is the ideal boat to discover the many treasures of Indonesia.  


Kelana - 6 guests from USD259

Kelana is a beautiful 16 m long vessel inspired by traditional Indonesian Phinisis. Entirely made of wood, Kelana is a modern and practical boat offering an incredible experience.


Mantra - 10 guests from USD370

Mantra combines ancestral Indonesian boat building techniques with modern marine technologies making it a luxury and comfortable yacht.  


Alexa - 4 guests from USD974

Alexa is one of the most romantic boats in the world. Designed and decorated with a pure and modern look, Alexa is to be shared with your loved ones for a very unique experience.