Labuan Bajo & Around 

the perfect gateway to Flores and its wonders!

Labuan Bajo is a small fishing town located at the western end of Flores Island and the launching point for trips to the Komodo National Park. Labuan Bajo is just 2 km away from Komodo Airport (about 10 minutes by car) and the stop before you step foot on a cruise ship! If you plan to stay there for 1 night or 2, here is the list of things to do in Labuan Bajo and around:


For the seafood lovers, Labuan Bajo Fish Market is the place to visit!

The fish market, Pasar Baru from his local name, is located along the seafront of Labuan Bajo. You pick your fresh fish or seafood and they will cook it on the barbecue. 


Labuan Bajo, the perfect sunset spot to make your journey to Flores Island complete

You can watch it around 6 pm from one of the bars or restaurants overlooking the harbour and the bay, sipping a fresh coconut or Bintangs! Sunsets in Labuan Bajo are magical and surreal when accompanied by the call to prayer of the four mosques, making them hypnotic. A perfect feeling after a big day around to watch nature paint the sky with a fresh palette of colours, the light reflecting off the few clouds, turning them a gorgeous shade of peachy-pink. 


Rangko Cave (Goa Rangko)

Don't leave Labuan Bajo without exploring Rangko Cave and its secret swimming hole filled with crystal clear water. The trip is about 1h by car from Labuan Bajo. You can get to the beach of Rangko Cave from Rangko Village by local boat. The trip takes about 10 minutes. Or take a small boat ride from Labuan Bajo Harbour to reach there directly. Be careful, getting in and out can be very slippery. The best time to visit is during the low tide. Check out the tide times before.


Cunca Wulang Canyon & Waterfalls

Cunca Wulang is worth the detour! Located approximately 1 hour driving from Labuan Bajo, nested in the middle of the jungle, the spot offers many options. You can easily walk along the canyon to enjoy its watery pleasures. Hiking, canyoning, swimming, jumping, you can spend the half-day there! You will need at least an hour hiking in and out from the parking.


Chasing secret Waterfall: Cunca Rami

Cunca Rami Waterfall is located in the middle of Mbeliling Forest, in the village of Lamung, 35km away from Labuan Bajo. This hidden beauty has height approximately 70 meters (230 feet) above the ground. You can swim in the clear and clean water at the base of the waterfall and enjoy a very gorgeous and relaxing atmosphere in the jungle.

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