Sebayur islands wonders

Sebayur besar and Sebayur kecil are two twin islands standing right at the border of the Komodo National Park. Just an hour away from Labuan Bajo, Sebayur islands offers fantastic snorkeling and trekking for everyone. Imagine snorkeling in the straight between the two islands and you will experience the magic of Komodo underwater life with a reef full of life, huge schools of fishes and big Angel fishes swimming around the jetty.

The path that leads to the top of Sebayur besar is a fantastic trek to discover the environment of the Komodo National Park with dry hills, mangrove, turquoise waters and reefs surrounding all the islands. Hello Flores team's favorite moment to do it is at sunset time where the sky will turn into a work of art with pink, orange, blue and red pale colors. A good place to start you trip in the Komodo National Park !


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