Sipuliang 2

38m / 14 guests / 8 crew
From USD 278 / night / person

A gateway to paradise

Sipuliang 2 is build by the very famous boat builder Hadji Basso. The boat started his life has a cargo sailing between Sulawesi and Flores and was transformed into a liveaboard during 2016 – 2017 to become on of the most stylish liveaboard in Komodo. 38- metre long, 6,5– metre wide, Sipuliang 2 dimensions speak for himself. Wide living areas and 6 cabins onboard will allow him to accommodate up to 14 passengers to discover the beauty of Komodo National Park archipelago.


The Cabins

Sipuliang 2 has 6 cabins spread on the lower and main deck. 4 cabins feature one double bed, wardrobes, air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms with hot water shower. 2 other one featuring one double bed plus one single bed with wardrobes, air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms with hot water shower. All the cabins are made out of teak wood and have potholes or windows and Sipuliang 2 can comfortably accommodate between 10 and 14 passengers in total comfort.


Life Onboard

Sipuliang 2 is a very spacious liveaboard with wide living areas where you will spend time to relax and chill with your family or friends. The main deck features a vaste outdoor dinning area with panoramic view on the wild landscapes surrounding you. Inside there is an air-conditioned dinning area as well as 2 lounges with TV. On the upper deck loungers and beanbags will help you to relax while enjoying the sun and the marine breeze. 

Sipuliang 2 boasts a crew of 8 with 2 experienced captains, chef Sam who will prepare the most amazing meals for you sourcing the freshest and best products in the local markets.  

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