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Ruteng & its spiderweb rice fields

Ruteng is the capital of the Manggarai district. Located on the western part of Flores it is one of the biggest city of Flores with over 38 000 inhabitants. Standing at 1118 meters high, Ruteng is situated at the bottom of a high mountain range and beneficiate of a cooler weather than coastal cities.

Ruteng region has the biggest rice production of Flores and is famous for its spiderweb rice field. Beside rice, Ruteng is an important Indonesian coffee-producing area. Religion in Ruteng is mostly Catholic and you will notice the red chapels of its cathedral situtated in its center. It is possible to visit and its pastor will be happy to explain you its history. Ruteng is 140 km away from Labuan Bajo and it takes 6 hours drive on the transflores from Labuan Bajo.


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